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About us

Aalborg University offers education and research within the fields of natural sciences, social sciences, humanities, technical and health sciences. Aalborg University is continuously strengthening its position as a network university. This entails collaborating with regional and national educational institutions in Denmark as well as the creation of consortia and collaboration networks with other national and international universities.

Aalborg University is active in Brussels with an ambition to build new partnerships and projects and to set up strategic alliances for European cooperation in research, innovation and education. The purpose of being present in Brussels is also to facilitate closer dialogue with the EU institutions and to promote the University’s leading research. Additionally, the ambition is to provide input to the European research agenda, and ultimately to establish strong partnerships for EU support.

Aalborg University collaborates closely with regional partners to bring knowledge to innovation and value adding use.

Aalborg University in Brussels offers support and advice to our researchers on a variety of issues and cooperates in close dialogue with colleagues at our campus sites in Aalborg, Copenhagen and Esbjerg.

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Aalborg University Brussels Office
Avenue de Tervuren 35
B–1040 Brussels

Tel.: +32 2 282 03 76
E-mail: cp@adm.aau.dk

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