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About us

The Central Denmark EU Office represents the 19 municipalities of the Central Denmark Region, its regional government, and Aarhus University. App. 1.2 million people live in the region, which has a thriving business community, some unique cultural activities (in 2017, Aarhus will be European Capital of Culture), and a number of dynamic research institutions.


The main strengths of the region are within the following areas:

 - Sustainable energy production

 - Bioeconomy and the food sector

 - Information technology and advanced manufacturing industries

 - Health - research as well as state-of-the-art health related business

 - Education and research. Home to Aarhus University with a strong academic and international profile, as well as a wide range of educational institutions, all supplying the region with a highly educated and dynamic labour force

 - Culture, creativity, and innovation


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Central Denmark EU Office
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E-mail: info@centraldenmark.eu

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